Ewe so Prepped Hurricane Box

Ready for the "Big One?" Well, let's hope that one never arrives in your neck of the woods, but Yarny Ewes like to be prepared and your Ewe so Prepped box is our half, tongue-in-cheek prep box! We hope you get a chuckle from the contents and also enjoy the yarn and perhaps, make use of some of the more practical items.

  • Yarn in your choice of base
  • Set of three headlamps, to use when the lights go out
  • Sunshine bag, because 1) when those storms are hitting, we're all wishing for sunshiny days and 2) it's a great place to stash your storm project and gear
  • Tuna; as in, part of your three day supply of non-perishable food
  • Stitch markers to remind you of storm necessities like batteries, a flashlight & water!

We know that stitching can help to reduce anxiety and stress. What better time to put that skill into action than when a storm is on its way? Prepare now by winding your yarn, getting your needles at the ready and maybe even starting your cast on for you storm project.

We've compiled a few storm-related patterns to help you get started on the search for the perfect pattern for your yarn. Keep in mind, these patterns are for varying weights and yarn requirements, so be sure you have what you need ready to go!

It's seriously interesting to see all the patterns on Ravelry that have "hurricane" in the name. Have a browse and see what strikes you!

Please remember to always take impending storms seriously and heed the warnings and recommendations of your local weather experts. We want all the Yarny Ewes to remain safe! 

Hurricane Socks by Chrissy Gardiner (knit)


Hurricane Granny Shawl by Tine Sommer Hansen (crochet)


Hurricane Sandy Shawl(ette) by CatonLap Knitting (knit)


Hurricane Infinity Scarf by Tine Sommer Hansen (crochet)