Games for Scotland

Our long-awaited trip to Scotland is finally happening and we're so excited to share some fun activities for both the travelers and those remaining at home! 

If you're traveling with us, we invite you to play our Photo Scavenger Hunt! Using the list provided, snap and post in the Yarny Ewes photos of the items on the list! The first one to present a completed Scavenger Hunt sheet to Carolyn wins! If no one completes the Hunt, the one with the most items completed wins. We'll ship your prize as soon as we all return to the U.S.

Download your Photo Scavenger Hunt List Now

For those remaining at home, we have fun planned as well! Using one (or more) of the links below, download and print your Scotland Bingo for Ewe Cards! Then, pay attention as photos from the trip are being posted in the Yarny Ewes and watch for Maria to "call" them. Cross out on your card the squares as the photo appears.

This is a Cover All Bingo game, so your card must be covered to win! The first one to message Maria and send her a completed card wins! Cards will be verified. If no one completes a card, the one with the most covered wins. Your prize will be shipped once we all return to the U.S.