Halloween Advent: 31 Days of Mystery

Welcome to your Halloween Advent: 31 Days of Mystery!

Your box is full of fun Halloween tricks and treats including yarn and other goodies. 

Each bag is stamped with a number indicating the day it's intended to be opened. You may, of course, skip ahead at any time, but we can't be responsible for any ghoulish ill-fate that might befall those who advance sooner than intended (insert creepy, dramatic laugh here.) Naaah, nothing will happen, but you might be disappointed if you speed ahead! 

A scratch-off ticket is included in your package and should you have the winning card, please snap a photo of it and email us at michelle@oliventwoewe.com and we'll be sure to announce the winner and mail out a prize to you! It's sure to be a TREAT! 

Don't be a naughty ghost and post spoilers on social media if you race ahead. Feel free to post THE DAY AFTER (and beyond) each item is intended to be opened if you wish to share. Check out our spoiler thread in the Yarny Ewes to post your photos.  We'd really appreciate a mention of us if you do post on social media!

One of the days you open your goodies, you're going to want this link...but don't open it now! ;-)


We hope you love your Halloween Advent and find it all to be treats!