Mindful Stitching Box 1

Welcome to the Mindful Stitching series! We hope you enjoy the boxes and allow them to help you begin a journey of mindfulness for the new year.

Be sure to access the Spotify Playlist to add calming music to your experience. Use the Spotify code at the bottom of the box insert to access. Need help? Simply reach out to us and we’re happy to help! 

Mindfulness may be practiced in nearly all areas of life and our stitching is a natural place to begin as it lends itself so well to mindfulness/meditation. The rhythm of the stitches provide a natural anchor or "touch point" to stay in the moment. 

To begin, let's consider the term, "mindfulness."

Mindfulness means being present with a person, a task. In our busy, busy world we often think that multi-tasking increases our worth, but in fact, it diminishes our effectiveness with the task at hand. As an example, when your pet (or child) sits on your lap, do you pet them and talk to them, or do you pick up your phone or watch tv or think about what you are making for dinner? Mindfulness means you focus on one thing and do it with your all.

Gratitude is one of three primary "vehicles" for mindfulness. Intentional gratitude can help us to focus on the positive and helps us to improve the quality of our life by guiding our focus in a proactive manner.

This first box seeks to help you step away from distractions by providing items to make your space for stitching comfortable and inviting.

  • Light the candle and allow the fragrance to fill the air; focus on the movement of the flame to help you remain in the here and now.
  • Keep the lotion handy wherever your "stitching spot" may be and use it to generously treat your hands making them smooth so yarn doesn't catch on any roughness. This is part of treating yourself well and will make your stitching experience more comfortable.
  • Jot down notes in the Gratitude Journal set. Make your intentions and follow the guides to build gratitude into your practice.
  • Enjoy the details in the yarn; feel the softness and follow the colors as you really get to know the colorway. 
  • Thumb through the cards and read through them with intent to allow the messages to soak in. Give yourself permission to seek and learn.
  • Place your stickers in your Gratitude Journal or in another location to help you remember to breathe and consider gratitude.

Now, at the beginning of this journey, is a great time to consider scheduling time for stitching over the next few months. Plan a time that's all for you and all for settling into the practice of mindfulness. 

To begin, when you prepare to stitch, sit comfortably. Work to refrain from crossing your legs. Focus on your breathing and the rhythm of the stitches. Plan for short intervals to begin and allow your time to expand naturally. 

Each box will contain additional affirmation cards to add to your collection. Simply add them on to your ring as they arrive and in the end, you'll have an entire set!

When your third and final box arrives, you'll have three full hanks of coordinated yarn to use as you wish. We've included below a knit and a crochet pattern to consider for their use. We hope you enjoy!

Endless Seasons Shawl LITE