Mindful Stitching Box 2

Welcome to Box 2 of the Mindful Stitching series! We hope you're enjoying the series thus far and that it's encouraging you to practice mindfulness while enjoying your stitching activities.

Be sure to access the Spotify Playlist to add calming music to your experience. Use the Spotify code at the bottom of the insert to access. Need help? Simply reach out to us and we're happy to help!

This second box is designed to help you "step into your space" and become aware and mindful of being fully present in your activity and aware of the materials that you choose.

  • Use the Twenty Minute Candle set to carve out just 20 minutes to have all to yourself and your stitching/mindfulness practice. The flame of the candle is a great visual for the time that you have.
  • Use the felted bag to hold your notions and enjoy the calming presence of the trees and fabric. This reminds us to also be aware in nature (even if it's in our indoor space: a plant, sunshine through a window, etc...)
  • Enjoy the feel and design of the sterling silver stitch markers. Having a special metal and graceful design elevates our stitching and makes it feel unique. Listening to the gentle sounds as the markers slide across your needles can act as a centering "anchor."
  • Anchor yourself with the "Be Here Now" medallion. Place it in your lap, on a table, in your bag, or in your pocket as a gentle reminder, wherever you are, to remain "here" and in the moment. Life has a way of distracting us into the future (What if?) and the simple act of stroking this medallion can remind us, or anchor us, to remain in the present reality of what is.
  • Place the stickers in your journal or somewhere that they will remind you that rest is productive and taking care of one's self is a loving act.
  • Review the new cards and add them to your collection on the ring. Spend time going through the entire collection when it's convenient to remind yourself of the positive points of your journey.

Now that we are at the mid-point of this series, how are you doing with scheduling time for your stitching and practice? Haven't quite embarked yet on the start you envisioned? Not to be concerned; begin now. Review the points we've made up to now, if needed, to begin your mindfulness journey.

You now have two hanks of coordinating yarn and can begin to contemplate how you might use it. Remember to refer back to the first box to review the pattern suggestion(s) or choose one of your own that speaks to you.