Three Pines Mystery Box

Welcome to Three Pines! That is...the box. Let's see...would you WANT to live in Three Pines? Could be an interesting place for a few days; unless you turned up missing. YIKES!

Three Pines was based upon the hometown of the author, Louise Penny. While Knowlton, Quebec was her hometown, the series was filmed in Montreal and rural Quebec, so not so far from home.

Your box includes the following items:

  • Three Pines Yarn
  • Three Pines Jotter Notebook
  • Three Pines Enamel Pin
  • Three Pines Tattoo
  • Pinecone Stitch Markers 
  • Three Pines Sticker

The following patterns are some that may work well with your yarn. Be sure to confirm yardages before beginning your project:

The Woodland Pine Cowl (by Erica Sufka) is now on both of our lists to knit up. We think you'll love it too! 

Three Pines is a hat (by NellKnits) that offers a gentle pine motif and a fun shape. 

The Three Pines Shawl (by Edie Eckman) is an option for crocheters. Keep in mind, it does require a contrasting color, so let us know if you need some Shelley in Swan White or another shade once you receive your box. The pattern is written for DK, but using worsted means you end up with slightly larger shawl!

Enjoy your stay in Three Pines!