ChiaoGoo T-Spin Tunisian Interchangeable Set

ChiaoGoo T-Spin Tunisian Interchangeable Set

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NEW! Chiaogoo T-Spin Bamboo Tunisian Interchangeable COMPLETE crochet hook set!

This set is perfect for any crocheter who enjoys Tunisian crochet.

Set includes:
* 11 Tunisian hooks size: E(3.5mm); F(3.75mm); G(4.0mm); size 7(4.5mm); H(5.0mm); I (5.5mm); J (6.0mm); K (6.5mm); L (8mm); M (9mm); N (10mm)
* 4 Twist red SMALL cables: two 8 inches (20cm); one 14 inches (35cm); one 22" (55cm)
* 4 end stoppers, 4 adapters [L] to [S] to use hooks from size I (5.5mm) to N (10mm) with small red cables; 2 cable connectors, two keys and one 5" (13cm) needle gauge.
ALL store in a compact, zipper, book-style fabric case with 11 labeled, inside pocket and one outside zipper pocket. The case when closed is approx: 6" (15cm) x 8" (20cm)

Hook length: 5.7 inches (14.5cm)

NOTE: This Chiaogoo T-Spin Tunisian Interchangeable Hook set is compatible with Chiaogoo SPIN Nylon cables.
* Chiaogoo Tunisian crochet hooks are made of Moso bamboo with a stainless steel join.
* Pointy head to get into your stitches; no drag, smooth transition and secure connections.
* Size permanently laser marked on each hook