Lady Dragon Dreams (Twain)
Lady Dragon Dreams (Twain)

Lady Dragon Dreams (Twain)

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What would lady dragons dream if lady dragons dreamed in color? We imagine lady dragon dreams to be full of the purple, pinks, and greens of fantasy; more dangerous in color than the sweetness of unicorns, but being ladies, lacking the harshness of their male counterparts. 

  • 75% SW Merino/ 25% Nylon
  • 4 ply fingering
  • 463 yards, 100 grams
  • Hand dyed using professional grade acid dyes
  • For best results, hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.
  • As hand-dyed yarn is subject to variation, even with the same dye lot, if using more than one hank in a project, alternate hanks every few rows to compensate for variations in tone and pattern.