Olive's Ship Club 2021-2022

Olive's Ship Club 2021-2022

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Join Olive's Ship Club! Upon purchase, you'll get added to the roster and have ZERO shipping charges upon check out for a whole year (if purchased prior and up to April 30th, 2021)! That means no worrying about added shipping charges until April 30th, 2022

Use code "ShipClub" once the code has been applied to your account. 

Ship Club ends April 30th 2022. 

**Once purchased, please allow 72 hours for discount to appear in your cart. Any shipping charges paid prior to the 72 hour timeframe (after Club purchase) will be reimbursed. Use code "ShipClub" each time upon checkout.  Code is NOT transferrable and attempting to transfer to another for use will void your Ship Club purchase.

Participants are identified by email address. Upon check out, please use the email address you'd like registered with the Club.