Knitters' Blend Coffee

Knitters' Blend Coffee

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Embark on a new taste adventure, created especially for knitters! 

Roasty, sweet and delicious - Whole Bean Italian Roast Coffee. Organically grown and kosher, it's low-acid profile and smooth taste makes it the perfect accompaniment for time spent knitting, creating or just relaxing in the moment.

Whole bean allows for the perfect grind for your preferred brewing - be it old school percolator, international moka pot style, fancy french press, trendy Chemex and pour overs or your trusty drip maker.

Your coffee. Your method. Your moment.

You don't have to be a knitter to enjoy Knitters' Blend. But if you are... look out! As if knitting could get any better.

Brew 1, Knit 2.

- Whole Bean
- Organic
- Italian Roast
- 12oz bag.