About the Two Ewe

Hi and thanks for visiting Olive & Two Ewe Studios! 



We are Carolyn and Michelle, the two ewes behind this place. We met a hundred years ago in our past lives as social workers in a small non-profit agency. We built our friendship over discussions about resources, philosophy, and life and found we both loved crafting. Over time, we found ourselves scrap booking together into the wee hours of the night and both adored having a creative outlet.



Then life happened and we went our separate ways, each of us building our families and falling out of touch.



Fast forward to just a few years ago, and life has brought us full circle. We got back in touch and found we had developed a mutual love of fiber crafting! The joy of fiber immediately connected us again and we re-bonded instantly! Together, we began dyeing our own yarns and quickly decided we wanted to share them with others. Olive & Two Ewe Studios was born.



Both living in central Florida, Carolyn enjoys knitting and writing patterns, reading and hanging out with her family; Michelle knits, crochets, makes superb cakes, and can often be spotted at various Disney parks with her husband.



We are so excited about sharing our love of fiber, color, and crafting! We hope you'll join us on the journey as we look towards building a strong and vibrant yarn-loving community!



Happy crafting!



Carolyn & Michelle AKA "The Two Ewe"