Bee Keeper’s Quilt Club

Welcome to your Bee Keeper’s Quilt Club subscription! We’re so happy you’re with us on this year-long journey to hexie heaven!

Each month, your box will arrive with a new, exclusive colorway, on your choice of base, and a carefully curated collection of goodies. 

If you’ve not already done so, please join our private Facebook group for club members. We will have additional resources, discussions and more available in the group. Your membership in the group remains as long as you remain a subscriber. You can find the group here:

$5 of your monthly subscription will be donated to Project Apis M - a well-vetted bee charity. The donations will be sent to the organization on a quarterly basis. 



Month Eight circles back around to our theme of Bee Creative! This month is special as we commissioned a local artist of "whimsy" to create a piece of art just for you! We love to support other small businesses and this artist also has the distinction of being local to us, which we also love!

Read about Haley here:

Being surrounded by beautiful artistic creations started when Haley was only 6 weeks old; in her family owned flower shop. Her love for art further developed with local art classes for most of her childhood. Now, all grown up, she loves trips to the beach and spending time with her family and friends. She loves to paint for special people in her life and is now proudly sharing her love and beautiful pieces with you. Enjoy her little piece of love created just for you! All proceeds are going towards buying her first home & furnishings at the end of this year!

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Also this month, Project Apis m. has sent items along to be included in your box! They are delighted that this club is helping to support their mission. They've included the honey stick and brochure for you.

We hope you love it all and enjoy the more customized item this month. We're so enjoying seeing the flourish of your creativity as you continue to work on your hexies and decide what project you will create!


Month nine is here and it's hard to believe the Bee Keeper's Quilt Club is nearly over! Your hexies are looking fabulous and we are LOVING seeing all the ways you're putting them together and/or contemplating what your final project will look like! The creativity this group demonstrates is amazing!

  • The Bees Knees Yarn
  • Bee Washi Tape from The Clever Clove in Portland, OR
  • Bee Lover's Swedish Dish Cloth from Nature Bee in Victoria, British Columbia
  • Bee Tote from Moonlight Makers in Asheville, NC 

And of course, $5 of your subscription cost each month is donated to Project Apis m. 

We're so excited by what you're doing with your hexies! Soon, you'll have an amazing project! What a great reminder that the whole is often way more beautiful, valuable, etc...than the sum of its parts! 

We appreciate EWE! Keep on keepin' on! :-)