Bee Keeper’s Quilt Club

Welcome to your Bee Keeper’s Quilt Club subscription! We’re so happy you’re with us on this year-long journey to hexie heaven!

Each month, your box will arrive with a new, exclusive colorway, on your choice of base, and a carefully curated collection of goodies. 

If you’ve not already done so, please join our private Facebook group for club members. We will have additional resources, discussions and more available in the group. Your membership in the group remains as long as you remain a subscriber. You can find the group here:

$5 of your monthly subscription will be donated to Project Apis M - a well-vetted bee charity. The donations will be sent to the organization on a quarterly basis. 


Month Ten has arrived as we begin our slide into the conclusion of this year-long project. It’s time to check in and see what your project will look like! Do you have your completed arrangement in mind? If not, that’s ok! In fact, if you don’t feel like you’ve completed enough hexies for the project of your dreams, you can either continue on creating into 2024 or adjust your project ideas for something smaller. Either way, EWE are a success!

* Busy Bee Yarn

* Cute Bee Stitch Stoppers

* Bee Magnetic Poetry 

* Honeycomb Phone Grip


Month Eleven is here and it's hard to believe this year-long project is nearly over! The good news is, hexies and the Bee Keeper's Quilt can remain a part of your crafting life for as long as you'd like! By now, if you've knitted or crocheted even just a few hexies, you probably have it down and have to think very little about the movements and stitches to create one of these tiny, but satisfying projects. Have you considered what you'll do with yours if you have a pile? What if you have only just a handful? Perhaps a coaster or two? Please continue to share your hexie FOs and let us know your plans!

  • Liquid Gold Yarn
  • Bee & Poppy Tin from Firefly Notes - based in Steveston, British Columbia
  • Wool Felted Bee Bar Soap from Coastal Felting - based in Duncan, British Columbia (all elements are ethically and sustainably sourced)