Bee Keeper’s Quilt Club

Welcome to your Bee Keeper’s Quilt Club subscription! We’re so happy you’re with us on this year-long journey to hexie heaven!

Month One comes to you with the them of "Bee Kind" and a few bee-utiful goodies:

  • Honey Hut Yarn from O&2U
  • Organic Cotton Bee Bag for produce or yarn from Your Green Kitchen
  • Wishing Bracelet (these are so fun!)
  • Small Bee Notions Tin from Firefly Notes
  • Bee Kind Sticker 
  • Bee Keeper's Quilt Pattern from tiny owl knits.

Each month, your box will arrive with a new, exclusive colorway, on your choice of base, and a carefully curated collection of goodies. 

If you’ve not already done so, please join our private Facebook group for club members. We will have additional resources, discussions and more available in the group. Your membership in the group remains as long as you remain a subscriber. You can find the group here:

$5 of your monthly subscription will be donated to Project Apis M - a well-vetted bee charity. The donations will be sent to the organization on a quarterly basis. 

Now is the time to begin making your hexies. Several "bee keepers" in the group have already begun. Will you knit or crochet yours? 

Check back here each month for updates!