Mindful Stitching Box 3

Welcome to Box 3 of the Mindful Stitching series! We hope you're enjoying the series thus far and that it's encouraging you to practice mindfulness while enjoying your stitching activities.

Be sure to access the Spotify Playlist to add calming music to your experience. Use the Spotify code at the bottom of the insert to access. Need help? Simply reach out to us and we're happy to help!

This third box is designed to help you "step into your practice" and begin to make your mindful stitching time a regular feature of your stitching life by offering items that incentivize you to use them.

  • Use the Positivity Bag to store your items for your Mindful Stitching practice. Allow its message to replenish your stores of positivity when needed.
  • Embrace aromatherapy and begin to explore its uses with the bracelet and set. Allow the bracelet to ground you when needed; simply enjoy the way it feels on your skin or touch the beads to bring you back to the present moment.
  • Position the sticker in a place to remind you to stitch and enjoy the whimsical nature of the image. Levity is good for our hearts, minds, and souls.
  • Review the new cards and add them to your collection on the ring. Spend time going through the entire collection when it's convenient to remind yourself of the positive points of your journey. Purpose to place them in a place where you will continue to review them; perhaps in your stitching spot, next to your bed, or in the car for journeys.

Now that this Mindful Stitching series is complete, take some time to review all of the items and points. Go back through the pages for all of the boxes and touch again on ways to make your stitching practice mindful and useful to you.

You now have three hanks of coordinating yarn and can begin in earnest to use it, or perhaps place it in a special place until it speaks to you about what it wishes to become. Plan now to choose a pattern that will allow you to practice your mindful stitching techniques so you can continue on with your journey.