Box of Socks

Welcome to Olive & Two Ewe Studios Box of Socks! We're thrilled you've elected to take this year-long journey through socks!
Each month, your box will arrive with a new sock set and premium goodies to enhance your sock knitting experience. Check back on this page each month for new information and to learn more about what's in your box.
Thank you for the positive impact you're having on others! Each month, $5 from your subscription is being collected (donated on a quarterly basis for efficiency) to Sock it to 'Em at
Be sure to join the Box of Socks Facebook group to connect with other members and share projects. If you haven't already done so, we also invite you to join our Yarny Ewes Facebook page where you'll find lots of fun! 
This month, your box includes the stunning sock set of Earth Shattering and Cherries Jubilee to energize your knitting! You'll have a gorgeous pair of new socks in no time! 
Also included this month:
  • Snowflake Stitch Markers to celebrate winter
  • Cable Locks to protect your stitches
  • Petal Pink Sock Ruler to create socks for anyone



The yarn for your box this month is a stunning split hank! The colorway is Melodramatic, and is paired with Burnished for a stunning combo. 

Also included this month:

  • Sheep in Hat Mini Tin for those tiny notions that always seem to get lost
  • Sack of Socks Stitch Markers; we can all use a few more socks...
  • Sheep in Sweaters Notion Bag that might be the right size for a sock project
  • Fun Little Sticker

We hope you love it! 

Your March Box of Socks has arrived! Ready to cast on some more gorgeous socks? If you subscribed to the 16 set version of the club, this month contains your first “extra” sock set!  The club colorway this month is Let the Light in paired with the beautiful mini, Bright. If you’re a 16 set member, your extra sock set this month contains the full hank of It’s Your Lucky Day paired with a mini in Remember When! How fun!

Also included this month are:

  • Our original “Sock knitting heels the sole” can koozie
  • Gift cards with care instructions 
  • Cheerful spring themed stitch stoppers
  • Yarny cozy
  • Fun sticker

Enjoy this month and don’t forget to show us those projects! 



Yay for spring and fresh air! Maybe you're being able to sneak outside a little more with...dare we say...your knitting? :) It's great knitting out on a porch, by the beach or anywhere you can snag a little fresh air!

Your club colorway this month has a slight grunge feel to it and we think you'll love it! Cast on some new socks with Urbane and pair it with the deep hues of Heartthrob. Will you keep these for yourself or gift them away with love?

Also included in your box this month:

  • A detailed Kitchener Stitch Pin (can you have too many reminders of this historic grafting technique?)
  • The "I Get My Refills Bag" personalized with (we hope) the name of your fave Indie Dyer Yarn Shop
  • Hexagon Stitch Markers in the colors of spring
  • A fun sticker that well, speaks truth!

Remember to post pics of your socks and use #oliventwoeweprojects for a chance to win! Happy "socking!"



Can you believe we're NEARLY half way through the year?!? Hard to imagine! How is your sock knitting coming? Never fear if you've not yet accomplished all you wish. There will always be more time for knitting and besides, all that gorgeous yarn is a stash of art on its own!

Your club colorway this month couldn't have been any more on point! Pink Nebula and Everyday Pink are perfect colorways as we've been enjoying (in some areas) the Northern Lights!

Also included in your box this month:

  • Funky Vinyl Tool Pouch
  • A Collection of Fiber Crafting Tools
  • Summery Orange Stitch Stoppers

We love to see your socks, so please post pics! Happy knitting!



June has arrived and with it, for some of us, dreams of cooler weather and cozy socks! But for now, we're getting by with plenty of sunshine and refreshing sips while we bask in the warmth of the season. 

This month, those who subscribed to the 16 month edition in the club are being treated to an additional sock set that's sure to get you ready for the Fourth of July! 

Your primary sock set colorway this month is Orange Fruit Pop with a side skein of refreshing Limoncello. 

The extra set is Stars & Stripes with a side of Red Letter Day. 

Gorgeous colors, if we do say so ourselves! 

Also in your box this month, find the following:

  • Knit Increase/Knit Decrease Stitch Marker
  • Handy wooden Needle and Swatch Gauge
  • "I'd Rather be Knitting" Notepad for all your pattern note, jots and scribbles!

The stitch marker and gauge are coming to you from Twice Sheared Sheep! We love their items and often have them stocked in the shop.

Happy knitting!