Box of Socks

Welcome to Olive & Two Ewe Studios Box of Socks! We're thrilled you've elected to take this year-long journey through socks!
Each month, your box will arrive with a new sock set and premium goodies to enhance your sock knitting experience. Check back on this page each month for new information and to learn more about what's in your box.
Thank you for the positive impact you're having on others! Each month, $5 from your subscription is being collected (donated on a quarterly basis for efficiency) to Sock it to 'Em at
Be sure to join the Box of Socks Facebook group to connect with other members and share projects. If you haven't already done so, we also invite you to join our Yarny Ewes Facebook page where you'll find lots of fun! 
This month, your box includes the stunning sock set of Earth Shattering and Cherries Jubilee to energize your knitting! You'll have a gorgeous pair of new socks in no time! 
Also included this month:
  • Snowflake Stitch Markers to celebrate winter
  • Cable Locks to protect your stitches
  • Petal Pink Sock Ruler to create socks for anyone



The yarn for your box this month is a stunning split hank! The colorway is Melodramatic, and is paired with Burnished for a stunning combo. 

Also included this month:

  • Sheep in Hat Mini Tin for those tiny notions that always seem to get lost
  • Sack of Socks Stitch Markers; we can all use a few more socks...
  • Sheep in Sweaters Notion Bag that might be the right size for a sock project
  • Fun Little Sticker

We hope you love it! 


Thank you again and we can't wait to see what you create!